Tacx Neo Track – ANT +


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    Neo Track – ANT + Information

    With the Tacx NEO Track, you can have the most realistic ride feel on a trainer yet. Rather than the typical stationary front wheel support, this track lets you steer freely to make your experience within the Tacx software feel more authentic. The front wheel of your bike is place on a turntable so you can steer from left to right in accordance with your virtual course. This gives you more freedom than ever to explore your virtual world on your bike. Rubber caps are featured on the bottom of the track to prevent sliding and reduce noise. The frame is also easily foldable into a compact, lightweight, and easy to store piece. Like your trainer, the track communicates wirelessly with your computer via ANT+. The Tacx NEO Track will make a great addition to any rider’s indoor setup, leading to realistic and effective training.


    • Compatibility: Tacx NEO Smart T2800 Turbo Trainer



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